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from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is the daily show with jon stewart. cheers [ cheers and applause ] captioning sponsored by comedy central >> john: welcome to the daily show. my name is john oliver. i am still sitting in for jon stewart who is away this summer filming a "national geographic" special slowly gaining the trust of a family of meercats. our guest tonight, mark leave
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veitch author of "this town" is with us. it's a brilliant expose of how washington d.c. turns out to be exactly as awful as everyone thinks it is. but we start tonight in russia. with edward snowden, the former n.s.a. contractor turned whistle blower and also of the upcoming lonely planet terminal-d of the moscow airport. so what has he been up to apart from nothing? >> russian news agencies reported that snowden would get a special i.d. card or document of some kind that would allow him to finally leave the airport transit zone. but it turns out that the lawyer wasn't carrying any such i.d. card. he did have some fresh clothes for us, some pizza and a couple of books by check often. >> john: that's nice because nothing lightens a man's spirits like theodore. i think you'll find him in barnes and enable's misery
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section. take that. now you understand suffering. i've got no problem with you, checkov. no problem. but like a hotel phone ringing at 5:30 a.m. because you specifically requested it, snowden has provided a real wake-up call. (laughing). he's forced americans to examine the trade-offs we've made between national security and not having the government listen into our private phone calls with 55 [bleep]. i told that in confidence about my private medical history. i'm concerned. i'm clearly not the only one concerned about this level of government intrusion. >> new nbc wall street journal poll shows the public growing more weary know the government could go too far in its surveillance programs and violate privacy rights. for the first time now a majority 56% now say they are worried that the u.s. monitoring
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programs will go too far. >> john: right. and the really concerning thing there, the data gathered in that poll didn't come through a survey. they just know what you think now. luckily there are some people in congress who are paying attention. >> within the last hour statements from republican congressman justin amash and the ranking democrat on the house judiciary committee jon conyers who are introducing legislation to limit the collection of phone records and to force secret national security court opinions to be public. >> this strange coalition, very liberal and very conservative. you don't often hear that these days. >> john: that's right. not only is congress actually responding to this candle, democrats and republicans are working together. that feels strange. it's like when an animal becomes friends with a totally different animal. it's lovely to see but something about it just feels wrong. sure, maybe they're going to work together to get a banana out of a tree but call me
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cynical. once that fruit hits the ground you're going to end up with a dead bird and a blind monkey. both laying next to a rotten banana. so what exactly is this magical amendment that has brought everyone together? >> we're here to answer one question for the people we represent. do we oppose the suspicion list collection of every americans' phone records. my amendment makes a simple but upon change. it limits the government's collection of those records... of the records so those records that pertain to a person who is is the subject of an investigation. >> john: no longer will we allow the government to take our personal information. we will keep it where it belongs: on facebook. on google. on twitter. on instagram. on linked-in. even though i keep telling linked-in to stop sending me emails. leave me alone, linked-in.
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i'm on television. unsubscribe... subscribe. i don't even understand what you do, linked in. you seem to have monetized irritating people. nevertheless, this proposed amendment triggered one of the rarest sights in nature. what you're about to witness has never been caught on camera before: democrats and republicans both natural predators feasting on the same talking point. >> what it does do is prevent the collection of people who are not subject to investigation. >> many americans feel that our fundamental liberties as a country and our constitutional rights are threatened. >> what they're doing violates the fourth amendment. >> ben franklin said they who give up essential liberties to obtain a little temporary safety.
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>> those who choose to trade liberty for security will find they have neither. >> john: side note. it turns out watching c-span with binoculars is exactly as boring as watching c-span without binoculars. so, look, that's great news for this building because we all know if you can get bipartisan support for something it's going to pass. unless another bipartisan group emerges to fight it. but there's no way that's going to happen. is there in roll the tape. >> the top three republicans in the house oppose the measure. >> a top republican and democrat of the committee released a joint statement calling it unwise. a white house released a statement urging the house to reject it. >> john: john boehner and president obama agree on something. the only other things they've ever agreed on were, one, estimation you need a good cry. two, michael keaton is is a best batman and three, brazil nuts are nothing more than packing material for all the other nuts in the mix.
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so they got a four. nothing shows though just how weird these coalitions have become than the fact that the president also ended up on the same side as this person. >> the federal government is taking in the content of american phone calls. it's not true. it's not happening. we need to deal in facts. let's deal in reality, not in false narratives. >> john: yes, yes. wait, wait. you're jumping ahead. you heard kroactly. michelle bachman just argued what we shouldn't deal in false narratives. for example, the false narrative that says michelle bachman doesn't deal in false narratives. >> the president of the united states will be taking a trip over to india that is is expected to cost the tax payer dlz 200 million a day. her little daughter took that vaccine, that injection and she suffered from mental retardation thereafter. the very founders that wrote
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those documents worked tirelessly until slavery was no more. they use the u.s. census information to round up the japannese and put them in the internment camps. there isn't even one study that can be produced that shows that carbon dioxide is a harmful gas. >> john: that is a wake-up call. you know, mr. president, when michelle bachman is on your side, you may want to look at the side that you are on. she is the canary in the crazy mine. i myself wear a bracelet everyday that reads what wouldn't michelle bachman do. so, look, 56% of the public seem to be in favor of the amendment restricting the government's phone data collection. we all know what this means. >> the n.s.a.'s controversial surveillance program is here to stay. wednesday night the house voted
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down an amendment that would have defunded the program that collects data on americans' phone records. >> john: this is the works. yes. this is the works. once again, congress fails to get something done. the important thing is that this time they failed to get it done together. we'll be right
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. we turn now to our ongoing
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coverage of this penis and less importantly the new york city mayoral candidate who is attached to it. so how are things going for him? >> there is a brand new poll about the new york city mayor's race. it has weiner in fourth place. >> he certainly is is sinking in the polls. >> john: honestly i think the sinking poll is the least of this guy's problem. so clearly grow up. hold on. i should grow up. you're right. you're right. so clearly anthony weiner's campaign is in danger, not just that it's in carlos danger. ♪ danger >> john: and tragically this is just more bad news. for the guy who has a campaign that won't quit. >> this morning weiner's dealing with yet another blow to his struggling efforts. >> his top advisor announced he was throwing in the towel.
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>> john: actually i happen to have that towel right here. it must have been under weiner's bed. must have been under his bed. yes, do you like that? is that a mature enough joke for you? are you not entertained? why on earth would weiner's campaign manager resign? does it have anything to do with the fact that he spent the whole last week sucking on the everlasting stopper of embarrassing revelations. >> the new york daily news is now reporting when he was a congressman weiner, he paid a private investigator $45,000 in campaign cash to investigate the hacking of his twitter account in 2011. >> john: let's be very clear about this. he spent $45,000 in campaign donations to investigate who did the thing that he knew he did. who did he hire? the same guy that o.j. paid to go look for the real murderer? that has got to be the easiest
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case in private investigator history. i'm guessing the investigator just cashed the check, walked back from the bank, unzipped anthony weiner's, pointed to his dick and said, "i found him. "request there, job done. job done. weiner seems to be running out of support. new york's newspapers are calling him out. others have also followed suit. >> at this point it's absurd. he's not qualified, not schoj psychologically qualified. >> so disrespectful of women. it is is not funny. he is a new age flasher who has traded the traditional raincoat that can be opened to show his wares for a digital camera that enables him to expose himself to the world. a dubious technological achievement. >> john: you know, when an old man says it, it's hard to tell whether he's mad about the sex stuff or about the technology. in my day you had to expose
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yourself to women one at a time. if you wanted to take a dick pic, you had to be able to maintain your erection for as long as silver nitrate needed to expose the image and then hand it to the lady. hand it to her. amazingly in the face of disapproval from, let's just say, everyone, carlos danger refuses to drop out. he even has the balls now to be annoyed by all of us. >> weiner also indicated he may stop answering questions altogether about his online relationships. >> i've answered that six times. it's very difficult to get my message out. i'm going to keep trying. can i tell you something? we're a little bit of an echo chamber here why are you guys so obsessed with my penis? where could you possibly get the idea that i would want to talk about such a private thing and about how hard it gets sometimes? where is that coming into your brain? let me help you out. it's not just mr. carlos that
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everyone saw your dick. it's that you lied about it over and over again for years it turns out. don't get me wrong. you provided a lot of entertaining moments. just look at the corners of wolf blitzer's mouth during this interview with one of weiner's former sexy pen pals. >> did you at all feel yourself manipulated or see yourself as a victim? >> i did not. he does kind of turn the conversation that way. then you kind of get... you kind of get sucked into it. no pun intended. i'm sorry. you get sucked into it a little bit. >> john: he's doing the best he can there. the middle of his lips say, "i'm a serious newsman." but the corners are saying, "i'm wolf blitzer, and i get that you're talking about sex." at this point, nothing is is getting this guy out of the
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race. not slipping poll numbers. not jumping ship. not financial intro pry tee, nothing. he doesn't just think he should be mayor despite these things. he now thinks he should be mayor because of them. >> being an effective mayor means as a result of everything going on... >> i get tabled. i argue this. i argue this. i'm going to be a successful mayor because of that. because it's going to give me a level of independence. >> john: oh, it's going to give you a level of independence all right. because if new yorkers do the right thing it's going to make you independent from the [bleep] office of mayor.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> john: welcome back. my guest tonight is the chief national correspondent for the "new york times" magazine and his new book is called "this town." please welcome mark liebovitz. ( applause ) [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! john: so this book is funny. it's interesting. and it is demoralizing. >> thank you. john: i mean i guess people generally have quite a low opinion of washington.
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and this book seems to point out that that low opinion may be too high. it proves it over 370 disgusting pages. >> thank you. did you get to the misery section? >> john: i mean, you talk about how early on in this book you talk about how d.c. rewards more than anything self-per pet iation. >> it does. john: boy, oh, boy, is that true. >> a lot of people have focused on the nuggets and the gossip of this book. wow, everyone is freaking out. there's a big point here which is that washington has become a place that people don't leave. it is is this culture that is is a permanent fuel class in the words of tom coburn who is a senator. it just keeps sustaining itself. it's the wealthiest community in the united states. the rest of the country has struggledded in concert with it. it's just been this tipping point of self-celebration that i wanted to chronicle. >> john: as irritating as the spine of the argument of this
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book is, the way it's being reviewed has irritated me even more. lots of people say, oh, yeah, that's a funny story about valerie jarrett. there is a black heart at the center of this. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. great. >> john: feel free to put that on the next book. there's a black heart in the center of this book. enjoy. let's talk a little bit about the revolving door. >> sure john: through d.c. because you mention the atlantic points out in 1974, 3% of retiring members became lobbyists. now 50% of senators. >> 50% of senators, 42% of congressmen. >> john: that is a problem, is is it not? >> you would think. people come to washington. they ran against washington as this swamp. they say i'm going to drain the swamp. then they settle into the place like a warm bath. it's a very moneyed and very easy and very comfortable place. frankly i mean i tried to illustrate this carnival it has
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always become >> reporter: the idea that there was a pay-off to public service is cancerous in terms of government. >> you would think. i mean this is supposedly a city built on public service. i mean, yes, it's hollywood for ugly people it is said. that's the cliche. but in fact hollywood is fantasy, right? i mean there's big money there and egos there. washington is for keeps. i mean washington is paid for by the american people. washington is supposedly, you know, a land of a higher or a city of a higher calling. that's just been totally tipped on its head >> john: this idea that you mentioned in here of it's fine for politicians to leave washington and fine for people to run for president and say washington needs changing. washington will not hold that against you because they know that either you're lying or, two, they'll get you. >> they will. i mean, look. it is a very, very easy culture to be co-oped into. i think the obama change brigade of 2008 is is a classic example of it. i don't want to say that that was insenior.
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it was a very good marketing strategy in 200 but if you look at what's happened to the obama promises and the ideals of we're not not going to opt out of the campaign finance system, we're not going to work with the super pacs in 2012 and all the never-minds they've done it is somewhat demoralizing even as a journalist >> john: it's fashionable to say washington is rotten to the core. but it's not. because to say it's rotten to the core would be to imply that it was on the edge of collapsing. this is some structural sound bull [bleep] that is built there, just built on nuggets of self-interest everywhere. it works great. d.c. is making [bleep] ton of money. >> yes, it is. one of the dirty little see decrees about washington is everyone focuses on how hopelessly divided washington is. washington is hopelessly interconnected. there's a max i am there, there's no such things as democrats or republicans. only millionaires. the dysfunction that you see on, you know, in cable sets on the floors of congress, things not getting done, that's very good
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for business in washington. a lot of people are, you know, washington again, a lot of people are getting rich in washington while the rest of the country suffers >> john: even with this administration, you look at someone like jake, top obama treasury official. had to combat goldman sachs the whole time he was there. the absolute center of the sub prime mortgage crisis. he leaves to become head of global communications for guess who, goldman sachs. >> right. john: a senior white house official in this book says we are lapsing into self-parody. >> they might get spanked for a day or so but there's no price to place. the level of shame in washington is very, very low. the level of self-awareness in washington is very, very low. frankly there's no incentive to stop. >> john: can you stick around to talk because i need to talk some of this poison out of my system. >> happy to help. john: "this town" is on the book shelves now. [ cheers and applause ] xi @ bf7é')ia3;b!,x8=px
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that's our show. thank you very much for watching. i want to thank our live audience here tonight as well who likes a joke but weren't so sure about a weiner joke. i'm working with a high level of audience. please join us tomorrow tomorrow night. here it is, your moment of zen. >> anthony weiner, carlos danger will withdraw from the mayoral election. >> farewell, carlos. he's a goner. bye, captioning sponsored by comedy central captioned by media access group at wgbh captioning sponsored by comedy central

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